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Over 30 years experience in hardware, networking and trouble shooting to component level.
From Old Net to Firewall / Router
and beyond...

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Desktop <-> Servers and Peripherals
  Taking care of all your computer needs.
Securing networks and workstations, virus protection/removal plus data backup/recovery solutions.

Looking for a turn-key solution? Or perhaps an evaluation of your operation and particular needs? Please send a request.

If I am near a PC you can chat live via flash, when page loads just click on connect.

Need help getting your infrastructure under control?
Sample of network layout documentation.
Layout F.A.Q.'s "Frequently Asked Questions"

Admin support of most servers and services, not limited to the few listed as examples:
Apache, tomcat, IIS, MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, sendmail, postfix, MS Exchange, ircd, XMPP, sshd, RDC, VNC, VPN, samba, WINS and rsync.

Audit tool for Linux!
.audit's intent is to help log the way things were, when the system was first built, versus now. It not only creates a back up of important system files, it also makes report files that you can compare with a simple menu choice.

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Business Systems Solutions.
Free Live Chat via XMPP "aka Jabber", server info.
Small friendly group whom like to help others.

Fiber Optic Tester

Interested in exploring a business relationship with ZAXTER? We welcome inquiries regarding strategic partnerships, alliances and other business opportunities. For more information.

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February 2020

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