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  With college cost at $8000 plus per year it's easy to see why "not going" comes to mind. Also that thought of, "there are all kinds of jobs, which do not require me to be a rocket scientist". Or, "I'll never need to know most of the stuff required for the degree I'm interested in". The fun of getting books just to try and resell them. Making your busy enough schedule match up with class times. The list goes on and on!

  Fact: USA is bringing home jobs that the manufacturers had been sending overseas is true, however those jobs are being done via robots, not us. Yet it does create opportunities for those with knowledge in electronics, computers and robotics. So now what? Earn three different degrees or maybe get by with industrail engineering? After $48k plus and all the invested time, will you have doors opening and offers flooding in? Well no, you will still be in the rat race, which will have already changed multiple times in technology.

  Sad but true, you will always be learning history at any school until you have gone long enough or excelled quickly to get into advanced classes doing research. In the short amount of time you have taken to read this far, I'm sure some other technology has been developed or discovered. Can you imagine what it will be like in another twenty years?

    Personal suggestions:

  Get the tools for hands on learning of the basics and history, early on for your children.

  Encourage them to always ask questions and to test out the answers given.

  And most of all, as painful as it may seem, stress, "stay in school if you want to be cool!" Ask any air-conditioning repairman, if they don't keep up they get left out in the heat. ;-)

  This is where SI/OP comes into play. Literally, just playing around with simple lessons and learning the possibilities. With hands on and seeing things in action, in our youth, makes it easier to grasp the technological part later in school and know which questions we need to ask. This project is geared towards people from 4 to infinity. While it's design is created to be simple for even the newest computer user, it's goal was engineered for every one, even engineers.

For $1,850 you receive a computer loaded with SI/OP and instruction/lessons plus other useful software, prototype board and I/O cables, components needed for lessons and other ideas to get you started in a world full of robots.