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This following image is of Xoscope output showing two timer circuits. They have the same capacitors (47k), but one has a 161.5k resistor while the other has a 510.5k resistor. The difference in the resistors causes different timing in each circuit. So this means to get the timing difference we divide 510.5/161.5 which equals 3.16 then, look at the picture to see the green line "which has the 510.5k" shows one space, to every three spaces the blue line "which has the 161.5k" shows.
I'm using both Tektronix probes, one model P6109, the other P6109B, on board 16 bit audio front mic input which gives left and right.

 Here is a video of it in action, with circuit in image below.
Next, maybe give the system a sense of direction.
Why buy SI/OP?